Digital Environment


The digital environment is comprised of the computer hardware/software and telecommunications infrastructure that enable end users to access, store, transmit, and use information in all aspects of life: 360/365.  The digital environment must be able to seamlessly provide instant access to the Cloud, Video, Internet, and applications across a plethora of platforms and devices to provide the end user experience demanded and expected in the marketplace today.  Traditional, or legacy, systems operate on an over subscription model wherein users are expected to get on and off the network quickly.  The demand of end users today requires a static connection, wherein end users are connected to the network 100% of the time.  To meet these requirements a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible mobile strategy as it relates to the information technology infrastructure must be implemented.  The digital environment must provide intuitive end user access & availability, abundant network capacity & speed, and provide tools & applications that the end user will find useful in their work and personal lives.