Mobility has changed the way we live, work, and play.  The market is shifting, putting more and more power in the hands of the end user.  The End User Experience (EUX) has become the new competitive landscape of today’s market place and mobility is at the center.  The days of a standalone mobility strategy are over and organizations, venues, & municipalities are required to integrate the EUX with their overall strategy.

The mobile experience has traditionally been the responsibility of the device manufacturer and the cellular provider.  However, as mobile technology has advanced so have the end user’s expectations.  Today, mobility is integrated with how we live, work and play to the point of making the EUX the responsibility of the entire business community.  The EUX now encompasses every aspect of life (360 degrees) every day (365 days a year).  Mobility or the EUX can be defined as the combination of Cloud, IoT, Video, Apps and Wearable technologies being available 360/365.  This change in the market place is shifting more and more power into the hands of the end user, requiring business to see the EUX as the sustainable competitive differentiation.

As mobility and the EUX is affecting the overall business strategy, the metrics necessary for measuring the surroundings and conditions in which the EUX occupies or operates need to be defined.  These surroundings and conditions make up the EUX environment, which is a complex matrix of the digital, physical, and social environments.