Today's Problem


The EUX is driving market demand for manufactures, retailers, hoteliers and real estate developers to incorporate a common User Interface (UI) within their proprietary products and brands.  The trend was to create private label UI’s which require the end user to learn several UI’s to experience the benefits and convenience technology provided within the products and brands.  Similarly, the infrastructure, systems and technologies deployed to support the EUX followed the legacy model of remaining proprietary or siloed.  The model of independent UI’s and systems created an adverse effect on the EUX by overcomplicating the interaction with technology and escalating costs for the systems required to support the EUX.

As smart devices became more powerful, end users incorporated them into every aspect of their life.   Today, end users rely on a smart device to manage how they live, work and play.  This change opened the door for products and brands to leverage the power of the smart device, through apps, to provide the benefits and convenience technology provides.  The end user now demands to be connected 360/365 regardless of their environment.  This demand is driving a similar change in the infrastructure, systems and technologies required to support the 360/365 mobile experience.  These systems can no longer be designed or deployed as independent systems.  The solution is to leverage technology from the perspective of the EUX to develop a single common infrastructure solution which encompasses cellular, Wi-Fi, location, security, Building Management Systems (BMS), video, digital signage and Point of Sale (POS).