Tomorrow's Solutions


A common term today is “Future Proof”.  However, as Jared Miller, CTO of the Atlanta Falcons, has stated, it is impossible to be “Future Proof”, instead the goal should be “Future Flexible”.  The solutions designed and deployed today should be built on a foundation of providing “Future Flexibility” to accommodate advances in technology not yet known, as well as mitigate the capital costs and impact on business revenue to deploy.  The key is defining what makes up the foundation of a solution and/or technology.  The foundational systems for technology are becoming the fourth utility, in addition to Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP).

Like MEP, the technological foundation is now a requirement and as such the design should meet the same twenty-year life cycle.  There is a single electrical system with multiple outlets, a single plumbing system with multiple uses, and a single mechanical system with multiple interfaces.  So too should the technological system/foundation be designed to support the complexities of the EUX over a common infrastructure.  A good starting point for the technological foundation can be defined as fiber and power to the edge.  This provides the “Future Flexibility” to accommodate increased demand for bandwidth, upgrades to existing systems, and adding additional technologies without the traditional capital costs and impact on business revenue normally associated with advances in technology.