2717 is...

A firm focused on the end-user experience as the sustainable source of competitive differentiation, regardless of industry.  As consumer power grows, companies can no longer rely on traditional product and service based differentiation and are forced to integrate a mobility strategy within the larger business strategy.   

The silos or walls separating cellular, WiFi, LAN, security, video, and cloud are now mixed together in a mobility life style.  The expectation by end-users to have triple play services at their fingertips 360/365 is the new normal.  The traditional networks, contracts, and financial models do not support nor align with an organizations strategic business plans. 

Therefore, it requires organizations to “Think Differently” about how technology integrates with the overall business strategy as it relates to architectural design, general construction/remodeling, M.E.P. and operations.  

2717 was created to fill this gap in the industry and offers three pillars of business to our customers: Advocacy, Execution & Revenue.  These three pillars allow 2717 to become a trusted and valued advocate in creating a sustainable source of competitive differentiation.

Our approach is simple.  To understand our customers value to the end-user and back into the technology.  2717 leverages mobility and technology to achieve our customers business goals.

As iron sharpens iron, so too does one man sharpen another.
— Proverbs 27:17